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June 12, 2022

Refresh, Revitalize, and Rejuvenate with Sofwave

Time, sun exposure, environmental pollutants, and stress will eventually take an aesthetic toll on our skin. Of course, if you are vigilant about sun protection, getting regular exercise, and avoiding toxins like alcohol and cigarettes, you can maintain much of your skin’s elasticity and prevent significant premature aging. However, nobody’s perfect; we can’t go back in time and slather our 16-year-old selves with SPF 60 sunscreen. So – is there anything we can do to keep our skin in tip-top shape and maybe, just maybe, reverse some of the damage?

Fortunately, we now have next-generation technologies that can stave off – and even correct – a lot of dermal wear and tear. Sofwave, an FDA-approved ultrasound treatment, is a collagen-stimulating procedure that can be performed in only one or two 30-minute sessions. This energy-based treatment delivers results that appear gradually as the skin’s collagen and elastin regenerate. Sofwave is non-invasive (no surgery or needling) and requires no special aftercare or follow-up.

If you think Sofwave could be right for you, here are some answers to a few common questions about the procedure.

What is Sofwave?

Sofwave is a proprietary skin-tightening tool that is FDA-approved to treat the skin of the face, brow region, and under the chin. The application device delivers controlled pulses of high-frequency ultrasound energy to the middle layers of the skin. This treatment targets the tissues approximately 1.5mm deep into the skin, effectively causing tissue contraction and coagulation, which stimulates collagen and elastin production as it heals. 
The clinician can adjust the energy level to the individual patient’s needs and goals. While some patients might require two treatments to achieve the desired outcomes, most patients only need a single session. 

How is Sofwave used?

Sofwave enhances collagen production in the skin; it plumps and lifts the targeted areas and facilitates cellular regrowth for up to a full year after the procedure.  While Sofwave is most commonly used on the face and neck, many patients opt for treatments to the hands and even the knees, thighs, and abdomen. Sofwave is also an extremely effective non-surgical solution for lifting the brow area. 

What is the Sofwave procedure like?
Your clinician will apply numbing cream to the targeted area before the procedure. Once the effects of the cream set in, the clinician will apply an ultrasound gel before initiating the treatment.  The treatment involves passing a handheld device over the skin in six-second increments. Once one area has reached the treatment threshold, the device emits a beeping sound, and another area is treated. 

Most patients report relatively mild discomfort, though there might be certain areas that are more tender than others. People typically experience a twinge of pain near the mouth and forehead, but sensitivities will vary between patients.

After the treatment, a bit of redness is common, though that tends to resolve in a few hours. While some people have greater reactivity to ultrasound energy treatment, most will be able to resume normal activities immediately afterward with no downtime.

When will I see the results?

Most patients will see results immediately after the procedure – the skin will look and feel tighter and firmer. However, the most dramatic effects tend to occur approximately 12 - 24 weeks after treatment as the collagen and elastin regenerate.

Are there risks to Sofwave?

Sofwave is a non-invasive treatment; while some patients experience sensitivity, there have been no reports of any bruising, discoloration, or ulceration in any of the clinical trials. 

Am I a good candidate for Sofwave?

Optimal candidates for Sofwave have minimal skin laxity and are in good overall health. While Sofwave is an effective treatment for most people who want to correct fine lines and wrinkles, ideal candidates tend to be between the ages of 30 and 55 who wish to prevent further sagging.
Can I combine other treatments with Sofwave? 

Many patients choose to combine Sofwave treatments with other corrective, minimally invasive procedures like Botox and dermal fillers. Because Sofwave does not address issues like scarring or hyperpigmentation, your doctor might recommend additional treatments, like chemical peels or broadband light photo-facials.

Sofwave is a groundbreaking treatment that brings a next-level rejuvenation tool to aesthetic cosmetic technology. While it’s not the first treatment to use ultrasound to correct skin laxity, it is one of the most accessible option.

Fast, easy, non-invasive, and no downtime? Sofwave might not exactly be an anti-aging magic wand, but it’s pretty close!